BCT’s ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ redefines the theatrical experience as sustained empathy

Boise State Public Radio News | By George Prentice

Published March 8, 2023 at 5:11 AM MST

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Marissa Price (upper right) co-stars in, and Donna Jean Fogel (lower right) directs “Tiny Beautiful Things.”

“Tiny Beautiful Things” was already a runaway bestseller in 2012, and when it was adapted into a play, the story dug even deeper to become a “sustained theatrical exercise in empathy,” wrote Jesse Green of The New York Times when the drama opened in New York in 2017.

Suffice to say, “Tiny Beautiful Things” is one of the most anticipated productions in recent memory for Boise Contemporary Theater. And the production’s director, Donna Jean Fogel and Marissa Price who plays Sugar, the anonymous advice columnist at the center of the play, visit with Morning Edition host George Prentice to preview BCT’s soon-to-open show.

“It is a central human function of community ... and it's really, really beautiful the way it manifests in this play.”

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