"We tell stories here."


Falling | Mountains | Automata
by Dwayne Blackaller and Matthew Cameron Clark
Apr 2–26, 2014

The Future. Nostalgia. Style. Grief. Laughter. Rage. Hope. Story. Song. The Mountains, the Sawtooth Mountains. Family. Friendship. Love. Loyalty. Betrayal. Truth. Danger. Discovery. Sex. Breakfast. Art. A Painting. A Photograph. An Axe. The Color of a Sunset, the Sound of Rain, the Warmth of a Fire, the Smell of Bacon, the Taste of Whiskey. A Secret. A Lie. A Confession. A Promise. A Memory. Old Friends. And New. Carie Kawa. Matthew Cameron Clark. Justin Ness. Tracy Sunderland. Stitch Marker. Falling. Mountains. Automata. What does it mean to be human? The Uncanny Valley.


SLOWGIRL by Greg Pierce. When his troubled niece, Becky, shows up at his isolated home in the Costa Rican jungle, Sterling finds his carefully crafted reclusion going to pieces. Becky is pure, unfiltered teenager: insubordinate, invasive, bored, and—as Sterling discovers—deeply traumatized by an accident involving a schoolmate back home. Sterling, who’s basically sworn off people and the world, doesn’t want to get involved, but Becky’s bleak circumstances soon force Sterling to make a life-altering decision.

Bill Coffey in Concert

BCT is proud to present an intimate and lively evening of music with Bill Coffey and other special guests at 8 p.m. Friday, May 2.