For many years I’ve felt that the theater is the closest thing to a church most people will ever encounter. It is one of the last places that exist where a person is invited in, with open arms, and asked - just for an hour or two - to put away what they carry with them and actively practice empathy. A practice that is so deeply, unfathomably important. One that opens us up to a world that is so much larger and more loving and incomprehensible than the one we’re told we live in.


I grew up in a church like the one presented on stage… I walked into a familiar landscape tonight and was so beyond touched to see such a real struggle in front of me. One I’ve had. One my mother confronted as her father was dying. One exceedingly difficult to grapple with.


This is the kind of work that sits with you for years, sneaking up unexpectedly to make you reconsider, long after the show has closed. This is the kind of work that I want to be a part of. Tonight made me feel just how much I miss the theater and how much I appreciate the work that you are bringing to us. It is a gift to create this kind of show. It is a gift to all of us who get to sit in the question and the hurt and the struggle.



by Lynn Nottage

January 31 - February 17, 2024

Run Time: ~90 minutes

In CLYDE’S, a truck stop sandwich shop offers its formerly incarcerated kitchen staff a shot at redemption. Even as the shop’s callous owner tries to keep them down, the staff members learn to reclaim their lives, find purpose, and become inspired to dream by their shared quest to create the perfect sandwich.

“I have a powerful urge to communicate with you, but I find the distance between us insurmountable.”


“At Clyde’s, sandwiches aren’t just convenient meals served at lunch and dinner; they tell stories, hold truths, and nourish dreams… the drama blossoms into a poignant story about worker solidarity and the meaning of second chances, loaded with laugh-out-loud funny jokes.
          –Hollywood Reporter

“…flavor-bomb of a comedy about survival, second chances, and digesting whatever life serves up… a subversion of familiar genres, including drawing room comedy and workplace drama, and the value judgments conventionally inherent to them. By nature of her composition, Nottage also questions which sorts of rooms and people have previously been considered worthy of sustained attention.



Did you catch director Benjamin Burdick on Idaho Matters? Listen to Gemma Gaudette on Boise State Public Radio:

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Sat, Feb 3, 2024

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Sat, Feb 17, 2024

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Ben Voris@bwvoris
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The 5x5 was wonderful—with one rehearsal! Loved the chance to listen to the Q&A with the actors and to shake their hands. Looking forward to Sweat.
Kris Clegg@kris.clegg.10
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What an incredible show! Thank you!! You, the cast and the play were amazing!
Edna Shochat@Edna.Shochat
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Thank you for this show. And what a performance that was.


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