1. To purchase a BCT Season Ticket Package online, click HERE.

2. IMPORTANT: If the webstore landing page does not say Boise Contemporary Theater at the top, please enter BCT in the Promo Code box at the top right, and then click Submit. The Upcoming Subscription Seasons page for Boise Contemporary Theater displays.

promo code reset

3. Please read the details on the webstore page. NOTE: If you wish to make a Membership contribution at this time, FIRST click ‘here’ under Early-Bird Member-Subscriber Seating through June. If you do not want to make a Membership contribution now, skip to the next step.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         click here for membership

4. To purchase a package, click the first More Info button at the bottom of the page.

more info
5. Choose from the Premium, Standard, Preview, Student or 3-Ticket Flex Package options, and then click Purchase.

6. Please read the details about your package, and then click Buy Now.

buy now
7. Select your date for the first show, and then click Add.


NOTE: If you do not want to select dates at this time, please choose the Choose your dates later option at the bottom of the list of dates for each show.

choose your dates later

8. Add your dates for each of the remaining three shows, and then click Continue.


9. Choose Standard or Box (must buy 6 seats) from the Seating Section drop-down box for each date.
seating section dropdown standard or box
NOTE: If Standard or Box (must buy 6 seats) is not an option for any of your selected dates, that means that option is sold out for that performance. Please choose another date by clicking Change Your Performance Selections at the top of the page.

change your performance

10. Select the number of seats you want for the first show from the dropdown next to <Package Type> Sub Seat(s). The number of seats for the remaining shows will auto-populate. NOTE: For Box Seats, you must select 6 seats from the dropdown menu.

seats dropdown   number of seats

11. Type any information you want to communicate to the Box Office (seat preferences, etc.) in the text box at the bottom of the page.

special requests

12. Click Buy Now.

buy now

Your shopping cart displays.

13. Click Proceed to Checkout to complete your transaction, or click Continue Shopping  to add other items to your cart.

proceed to checkout or continue shopping

14. To check out, enter your username and password, and then click Login.

log in to your account

IMPORTANT: Make sure you use the SAME email address and password that you have used in the past when purchasing BCT tickets. If you get an error message after clicking Login, please try using a different password, the one you originally associated with your BCT account. Most errors at this point in the transaction are due to using an incorrect password. If you get stuck, use the options at the top of the screen: Forgot Your Login? or Lookup Your Account or Register.

log in help tabs

15. Review your order, and then follow the onscreen instructions to enter your payment information.

16. Click Buy Now, and then print your receipt.

buy now