World Premiere
April 17
May 4
by Dwayne Blackaller and Matthew Cameron Clark
A love story set on the Moon, the most dangerous place anyone has ever been, challenging us to reconcile what we believe is real and what we believe to be impossible. More than 200,000 miles from home, NASA Commander Chandni Douglas has lost contact with earth just as one of her crew members, Will Lundon, has become stranded 45 miles from the spacecraft that was supposed to carry them all safely home. As the sun sets on their mission, and they are all plunged into the surreal lunar night, a paper forest rises from the dust and a trio of curious animals appears from the darkness to play out an ancient story — maybe the oldest story humans tell. A kind of fairytale that unfolds from the heart of a desolate, science fiction moonscape, Rabbit/Moon explores the liminal space between what we think and what we feel.