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BCT 16|17 Children’s Reading Series dates (titles TBA):


October 23
November 13
December 18 at 2 pm + December 19 at 7 pm
February 26
March 19

All shows are at 2 pm unless otherwise noted.

The Children’s Reading Series (CRS) is a beloved BCT program that presents the best of contemporary children’s theater in a creative environment that is accessible to audience members of all ages. Drawing on one of the oldest traditions in theater, “hearing a play”, audience members will experience professional actors bringing engaging stories to life. BCT’s Children’s Reading Series is directed by the very talented Dwayne Blackaller.

Not more than 90 minutes with an intermission and treats available.
The readings are appropriate for children ages 4-18 with a parent.
Yes, all children must be accompanied by an adult.

BCT 15|16 Children’s Reading Series:

October 25, 2015 at 2 pm
By Clay Nichols
Directed by Tracy Sunderland
With Michael Baltzell, Stitch Marker, Justin Ness, Veronica Von Tobel, and Tess Worstell

In the legendary land of the Wild Wild West, comes the musical tale of an ordinary ranch cat who dreams of becoming an outlaw. With the help of his friend Hector–who has dreams of his own–Outlaw Puss dons a pair of red cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat and sets out to become the orneriest cat hombre the West has ever seen. But following your dreams isn’t as easy as our heroes believe, and soon Outlaw and Hector find themselves on the run from the meanest desperado hereabouts, the dastardly Gila Monster. Will Outlaw and Hector find a way to outsmart Gila, or will Outlaw Puss end up as kitty-cat tacos?

November 15, 2015 at 2 pm
Story by Robert Louis Stephenson
Adapted by Mike Kenny

Told in a classic British panto style, this hilarious version of Treasure Island is loaded with sword fights, talking parrots, pirates, and, of course, audience participation. It begins with Jim and his mum, running an inn that’s seen better days. When Billy Bones wanders in, their world is turned upside down. Long John Silver and his pirate crew come along to get the treasure map, and though they make it to the island, Long John holds everyone captive as he looks for the treasure. How will Jim and company get of this mess? This snappy tale sails along with popular musical hits that will have you singing along and longing for an eye-patch of your own!

December 20 (Sunday) at 2 pm + December 21 (Monday) at 7 pm
CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY (back by popular demand!)
Adapted by Dano Madden and Jenny Sternling

There was a little girl who loved Christmas very, very much—all the presents, Santa Claus bringing all those presents, candy, more candy, more presents, and, as her Mum says, the magic of giving. She loved it so much, in fact, that the little girl wished for Christmas to come every day! And so, the girl embarks on a letter writing campaign to the Christmas Fairy, the most under-appreciated of all the holiday icons (it’s always Santa this and Ghost of Christmas Past that), begging that her wish be granted. Impressed by the girl’s stellar punctuation, the Fairy agrees: from now until forever, it shall be Christmas every single day! At first, nonstop Christmas is exciting and fun for everyone, but serious trouble soon begins, and the girl realizes that no wish comes without great cost. With the help of the Fairy, the little girl finds the courage to set things right and discovers, at last, what the magic of Christmas truly means. This funny, imaginative tale was such a hit with audiences, that BCT is bringing it back! Don’t miss it!

February 28, 2016
By Mike Kenny
2 pm
$12 adult | $8 child

Naz’s homeland is an oppressive place. When his parents send him to his brother’s safekeeping in London, the boy fancies himself like Sinbad, a man of many voyages and endless stories. On his journey, Naz befriends Krysia, who helps him dodge soldiers and stay safe. Indeed, armed with his stories and his new friend, Naz is able to make his way to his brother’s house. Despite the fact that his new life is not the ‘heaven on earth’ he expected, Naz realizes that happiness will always be with him as long as he keeps his stories alive. This is a haunting and beautiful story of survival in the face of adversity.

*Ideal for ages 6 and older.

March 20, 2016
By Tracy Sunderland and Dwayne Blackaller
2 pm
$12 adult | $8 child

Two Deer Foster hates living in Fort Berthold, North Dakota. Ever since the natural gas company arrived, families have sold their land or left to make their fortunes on the fracking fields. Every day Two Deer, her lazy dog Virgil, and her nerdy pal Ward Eversill squat on the last remaining acre of Foster land in the hopes of saving it from the gas company. And every day Two Deer must endure Ward’s incessant ramblings about multiverse theory, Virgil’s old dog breath, and a bunch of micro earthquakes. But when an unexpectedly big quake knocks Two Deer out, she wakes to find Fort Berthold–although it looks the same on the surface–spookily different. Could the dorky Ward have been right about the existence of a multiverse? And just how many Fort Bertholds are there? From the writers of last year’s smash hit Maggie Lumière and the Ghost Train, comes the story of a reluctant hero who must journey home again and again and again and again…until she finds the one place she truly belongs.

*Ideal for ages 6 and older.