Children’s Reading Series


April 19 – 2PM


By Chad Shohet

CRS_GoulAfter a family tragedy, Lawrence is sent to Camp Chimera, where things are never as they seem, and the inhabitants are even stranger. There’s a camp counselor who never seems to come out during the day, a young boy in the body of a giant with two left feet, and the strange girl who swims all day and loves to eat live fish right out of the water. Lawrence has got till the end of sumer to become a man, but when he gets bitten by a wolf he begins to change in ways he never expected. An exciting mystery unfolds as a rumor spreads amongst the campers: “There are monsters in these woods!”

The Children’s Reading Series (CRS) is a beloved BCT program that presents the best of contemporary children’s theater in a creative environment that is accessible to audience members of all ages. Drawing on one of the oldest traditions in theater, “hearing a play”, audience members will experience professional actors bringing engaging stories to life.  BCT’s Children’s Reading Series is directed by the very talented Dwayne Blackaller.


How long are the performances?
Not more than 90 minutes and there will be an intermission with treats available.
Do I have to accompany my child or can I drop him off?
Yes, all children must be accompanied by an adult.