Children’s Reading Series

Now announcing the 14|15 Children’s Reading Series!


September 14 – 2PM


By Toby Hulse – From the book by Jules Verne

London 1872. Twenty-two minutes after eleven on Wednesday October 2nd to be precise. At this very minute on this very day in this very era of technological progress, one Phileas Fogg – the very model of a true English gentleman with magnificent teeth and a flair for punctuality – makes an impossible wager: that he will travel around the world in 80 days, no more no less! Without a moment to lose, he and his trusty sidekick, Passepartout, embark on a fantastic adventure filled with exotic locations, split-hair escapes, and daring do. What the two don’t know is that they’re being followed by a befuddled detective who believes that the gentlemanly Fogg is, in fact, a criminal mastermind….


November 16 – 2PM


By D. Manus Pinkwater and Chad Henry

In the Bobowicz household, Thanksgivings may come and Thanksgivings may go, but if there’s one thing that stays the same it’s this: turkey. But not this year. In his annual quest to bring home the turkey, young Arthur Bobowicz – who frankly prefers macaroni and cheese – meets a mysterious professor with an unlikely dinner candidate: a 266-pound superchicken named Henrietta. What follows is a rollicking musical comedy about friendship, family and a giant chicken that terrorizes the good people of Hoboken, New Jersey.


March 8 – 2PM

Maggie Lumiere and the Ghost Train

By Dwayne Blackaller and Tracy Sunderland

Maggie has always seen what others miss. She loves making movies, Charlie Chaplin’s walk, the way shadow gives way to light. She’s also deaf, but this has never stopped her. Determined to make a silent film masterpiece, Maggie and her intrepid posse of movie-making pals discover a derelict train yard that seems like an ideal movie set. But their shoot is disrupted when they stumble upon a mysterious railroad car that contains a dangerous secret.


April 19 – 2PM


By Chad Shohet

After a family tragedy, Lawrence is sent to Camp Khamara, where things are never as they seem, and the inhabitants are even stranger. There’s a camp counselor who never seems to come out during the day, a young boy in the body of a giant with two left feet, and the strange girl who swims all day and loves to eat live fish right out of the water. Lawrence has got till the end of sumer to become a man, but when he gets bitten by a wolf he begins to change in ways he never expected. An exciting mystery unfolds as a rumor spreads amongst the campers: “There are monsters in these woods!”

The Children’s Reading Series (CRS) is a beloved BCT program that presents the best of contemporary children’s theater in a creative environment that is accessible to audience members of all ages. Drawing on one of the oldest traditions in theater, “hearing a play”, audience members will experience professional actors bringing engaging stories to life.  BCT’s Children’s Reading Series is directed by the very talented Dwayne Blackaller.


How long are the performances?
Not more than 90 minutes and there will be an intermission with treats available.
Do I have to accompany my child or can I drop him off?
Yes, all children must be accompanied by an adult.