Boise Contemporary Theater is holding auditions for the world premiere musical The Show on the Roof, Wednesday, Dec. 11th from 3-6pm, and Thursday, December 12th from 3-6pm. Please prepare a song from musical theater – think Joe Iconis, Pasek and Paul, William Finn, and Jason Robert Brown. Looking for very strong singer/actors as well as musicians with musical theater experience comfortable with singing/acting.

To schedule a time slot on one of these days, please e-mail Liberty Klautsch:  If you are auditioning for MUSICIAN 2 or MUSICIAN 3, please indicate that in your email.


Music and Lyrics by Alex Syiek. Book by Tom Ford.
Director: Rory Pelsue

Rehearsal: March 24th – April 14th
Performances April 15th – May 9th

THE SHOW ON THE ROOF dramatizes the Boise homosexuality scandal of 1955-1957, a series of highly-publicized investigations, allegations, and arrests of men accused of sexual misconduct with young men and teenage boys. The “moral panic” of Boise’s residents in the wake of the scandal remain a watershed moment in the history of LGBTQ persecution in the U.S.A.

Each member of the cast plays several roles, many inspired by real people and events. (Note-the role of AL, MEL, AND OTHERS has been cast).



 JIMMY AND OTHERS. Male-identifying. 20s or 30s. Pianist for the Howdy Pardner Drive-In. Charismatic. Exuding charm, especially through his primary form of expression, the piano. Acts as the main pianist/bandleader for the entire show, so ability to play and read sheet music is a necessity. Requires an actor-singer who is an adept piano player that can serve as the primary accompanist and band leader for the production.

EDWARD AND OTHERS. Male-identifying. 20s or 30s. A closeted gay man in 1955 Boise, Idaho. He works in men’s clothing at the Mode department store. A World War II vet who came home and took care of his mother who has recently died. He is accused, imprisoned and tried during the course of the musical.

WILLIAM AND OTHERS. Male-identifying. Teens (to be played by 20’s.) One of “The Boys of Boise”, William is a troubled teen with an abusive father. He longs for a different life from the one he is living and makes money from having sex with men and extortion. He murders his father. Think young James Dean.

LOUISE AND OTHERS. Female-identifying. 20s or 30s. A housewife whose husband flees town after the investigations begin. From shopping at the Mode, she knows Edward and is friendly with him. Kind and compassionate, she is trying to piece her life back together.

SHIRLEY AND OTHERS. Female-identifying. 20s. A receptionist at the Boise Police Department. She becomes increasingly ill at ease with her job and home life as she begins to notice irregularities in the investigations, and, eventually, stands up to her superiors.

MUSICIAN 2 – Drummer. Male-identifying or female-identifying. 20s-40s. Plays multiple characters and sings.

MUSICIAN 3 – We are looking for a skilled musician who plays multiple instruments for this track. Male-identifying or female-identifying. 20’s – 40’s. The score is still being orchestrated so we’re open to ideas for this track. Upright bass is possible as well. Plays multiple characters and sings.

PLEASE NOTE – Musicians will be hired for the full contract – rehearsals and performances.