Boise Contemporary Theater is currently casting for the world premiere musical The Show on the Roof.   Looking for very strong singer/actors as well as musicians with musical theater experience comfortable with singing/acting.

If you are interested in attending our NYC auditions on January 26th, please send your headshot and resume to Liberty Klautsch:  If you are auditioning for MUSICIAN 2 or MUSICIAN 3, please indicate that in your email.


Book by Tom Ford, Music and Lyrics by Alex Syiek
Director: Rory Pelsue

Rehearsals: March 24th – April 14th
Performances: April 15th – May 9th

THE SHOW ON THE ROOF dramatizes the Boise homosexuality scandal of 1955-1957, a series of highly-publicized investigations, allegations, and arrests of men accused of sexual misconduct with young men and teenage boys. The “moral panic” of Boise’s residents in the wake of the scandal remain a watershed moment in the history of LGBTQ persecution in the U.S.A.

Each member of the cast plays several roles, many inspired by real people and events.


 JIMMY AND OTHERS. Male-identifying. 20s or 30s. Pianist for the Howdy Pardner Drive-In. Charismatic. Exuding charm, especially through his primary form of expression, the piano. Acts as the main pianist/bandleader for the entire show, so ability to play and read sheet music is a necessity. Requires an actor-singer who is an adept piano player that can serve as the primary accompanist and band leader for the production.

WILLIAM AND OTHERS. Male-identifying. Teens (to be played by 20’s.) One of “The Boys of Boise”, William is a troubled teen with an abusive father. He longs for a different life from the one he is living and makes money from having sex with men and extortion. He murders his father. Think young James Dean.

EDWARD AND OTHERS. Male-identifying. 20s or 30s. A closeted gay man in 1955 Boise, Idaho. He works in men’s clothing at the Mode department store. A World War II vet who came home and took care of his mother who has recently died. He is accused, imprisoned and tried during the course of the musical.

MUSICIAN 2 – Drummer. Male-identifying or female-identifying. 20s-40s. Plays multiple characters and sings.

MUSICIAN 3 – We are looking for a skilled musician who plays multiple instruments for this track. Male-identifying or female-identifying. 20’s – 40’s. The score is still being orchestrated so we’re open to ideas for this track. Upright bass is possible as well. Plays multiple characters and sings.

PLEASE NOTE – Musicians will be hired for the full contract – rehearsals and performances.