BCT 18|19 Season Auditions

18|19 Season Auditions took place June 28 & 29, 2018 in Boise

SIDES for Chicago Auditions for With Love and a Major Organ

Anabel —
Speech p. 3-4
 p. 5 from top of Scene 1 through p. 8  “We should continue this conversation — ugh.”
Scene 13 (p. 47)
Speech p. 3
Scene 3 (p. 10-11)
Speech p. 40 (from “Hi. Uh,…it’s me.” to “Subway Rider in Black”

Playwright Julia Lederer will be changing the pronouns and other gender specific language in the script for this production in which both Anabel (Subway Rider) and George will be played by female actors.

Current script can be found here.