Behind The Scenes of NORWAY (Week 2)

January 10th-15th, 2011.

Hi everyone, Evan Sesek here again to bring you behind the scenes of the NORWAY rehearsal process.  The first week of rehearsal was about getting a general “shape” to it–getting some basic blocking down, and figuring out where there are some majors shifts (emotionally or otherwise). This week (Week 2) is more about running what we’ve worked, stopping, and refining certain moments. For example, in one scene, we spent a good deal of time on the words, “I’m sorry.” It’s funny how just two words can have such weight and if said in the wrong tone can completely change the scene. Like the words “I love you”, they’re so loaded and could be said to hurt someone, to comfort someone, or to mock someone. It’s also a credit to Matt’s great directing, always paying attention to details while keeping the entire play in mind.

In this second week, we’ve also been dealing with the challenges the script presents. One of the awesome things about this play (and one of the biggest hurdles) is that it not only takes place in between two time periods (2001 and present day), but also between spaces (bedrooms, coffee shops, parking lots, etc.). So, how do we communicate to the audience where and when we are, while also not lengthening the play or distracting the audience with scene changes? I don’t know if we’ve completely settled on a solution, but having Matt, Sam, Peter (sound designer), and Mike, and eventually Racquelle Davis (lights, she’s currently in NY) all on board, I know there will be an interesting solution.

Speaking of Peter, it’s been great to have him in every rehearsal. In my experience, the Sound Designer works with the director during the process, but very intermittently and then shows up around Tech Week to lay in the sound cues. However, Peter is there for every rehearsal, listening and watching the scenes, and experimenting with sound and music that will heighten and support these scenes. At the top of the play, he experimented with four different pieces of music/sound, and he and Matt decided on one. With Peter here, the performances and the text influence the sound choices (and vice versa), making the process that much more collaborative.

George Prentice of the Boise Weekly interviewed the cast, Sam, and Matt on Friday–so keep a look out for a Preview article there. Anyway, hope the weekend has been swell for everyone, check in next week for another look behind-the-scenes of NORWAY.–Evan

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