Day One: Namaste means hello. . . or goodbye.

It was a fantastic first day of rehearsal in New York. We are on the third floor of the Gowanus Arts Building in Brooklyn, a wonderfully weird old building with mosaic tile floors and oddly uneven stairs. Marion Williams, the set & costume designer was there to present her scenic design in the form of a beautiful model that recreates BCT impressively well, especially considering that she’s never been there. It features a large crate of objects, each of them important, suspended from the center truss. From this crate the pieces of the story are retrieved and revealed, many of them are Andy’s actual possessions, brought to rehearsal today in a well-worn suitcase. Andy read the most recent version of the script and we spent some time discussing the recurrence of antithetical yet coexistent truths: the play is about Nepal and yet the play is not about Nepal, it’s about all places; the “opposite thing can always be true.” I can’t wait for all of you to experience this story. Andy is a magnificent storyteller and the characters he creates in Namaste Man, are not only memorable but powerful.

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