Day Five: Names

Today’s work included a discussion of names, specifically, the names of people and places in a particular section of the play. What names do we choose to use when speaking to one another? Do those choices change with circumstances? Mom, Mother, Mrs. Weems, Barb, Barbara, Mabel, Memsahib, these are all names for one character in Namaste Man, Andy’s Mother. The name used to address her  at any given moment says a lot about the relationship and the moment. Even the house where Andy lived in Nepal had a name: Woomera Ghar.

I went to Rattlestick tonight to see Craig Wright’s newest play, a modern adaptation of Oedipus. It’s nowhere near as good as The Pavilion or Lady. Too bad. Of the three plays I’ve seen in New York this week (two world premieres and a modern classic), it was the fresh interpretation of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, written in 1937 , that will stay with me.

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